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2011 Championship

Tournament summary
Tournament Name 2011 Championship
Place Kingsview Chess Club
Federation CAN
Date Begin 12/01/2011
Date End 20/04/2011
Arbiter myArbiter
Play System Double Round Robin
Number of rounds 7
Score game 0-0.5-1
Tie break Buc1 BucT
Registered Players 8
Number of Federations 0
Average Rating (all) 1781
Average Rating (only FIDE rated) 0
Players from CAN Federation 0
Players NOT from CAN Federation 8
FIDE rated players 0
unrated players 8
unrated players from CAN Federation 0
unrated players NOT from CAN Federation 8
unrated Federations 1
FIDE titled players 0
GM players 0
WGM players 0
IM players 0
WIM players 0
FM players 0
WFM players 0
FIDE titled player from CAN Federation 0
FIDE titled player NOT from CAN Federation 0

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